SkeletonX is an ongoing project to produce a tool for building code-generating tools. It is a code-generator code generator. It, to me, is not exactly a template engine, but rather a declarative language based approach that is target language aware. That is, it is sort of a programming language that currently produces generated source code, for generating end point source code. Currently, it produces Java code to produce more Java code. I believe it has some interesting ideas behind the approach, but after much work, it is still very much a work in process, but much progress has been made to work out how it should roughly work in practice (when I started I really had no idea about how it should function).



Version 0.9 (2 Jan 2014)

This version requires version 1.1 of Solar, Bones, and AustenX. (Only Solar required for actual end user use).

Please see also, the common libraries