Len Brown's Auckland Choo Choo


A crappy game made in relation to the 2014 Auckland local body elections.

The following is just for jokes. They are random creations of my own, and not endorsed by, for example, Len Brown. There is only one game at the moment, but I may add another later.

Auckland has its new electric trains, but something has gone wrong and the train can't be stopped. No fear, Len Brown to the rescue! Lay down new train tracks to keep Auckland's train moving. Run out of track and BOOOMB! Use National to destroy bits of the rail network. (Play with mouse - designed for a computer, not a smart device, as I don't have one of those)

Please note, this game is a work in progress. Sound and refinements will come in time. Game requires modern browser (not IE 8 or below). Images taken from various places on the internet - including stuff.co.nz, transportblog.co.nz, and Len Brown's website. Text by cooltext.com.