A semi-usable emulator of the Commodore 64 computer system. Is not exactly accurate, and fails to run numerous games. Has a few problems with the CIA and the keyboard emulation. Does not handle disk-drives yet (except for very simple loading of files). No sound.

New for version 1.2 (27 October 2014)

New for version 1.1 (27 September 2014)

Version 1.1 includes the following:

Still many things to do (the CIA implementation is very poor for one). No sound yet.


How to use

  1. Download zip file (right-click "Save file as")
  2. Best to unzip (decompress) - double click, and drag out "Flappy" folder to somewhere else.
  3. Find "Flappy.jar" file. Double click. If you don't have Java installed, it won't run. Download Java RE (google "java JRE"). You may also need to make sure the file is executable. Follow instructions for your OS to do this (something like "Properties", then click "executable").
  4. When running use File menu to start up Vic 20 emulation, and to load files. Usually just use "open and run". Runs "prg", "t64", and some "d64" files.



The following is from one of the greatest games ever written - Fish In Space (included with Flappy).