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Mission Statement

Here at Scratchy, we've been working on a number of exciting projects, that are specifically designed to make your life easier. We lead the way in the scientific study of what we do, so rest assured, if it can happen, it will.

Projects to look out for include Austen, the parser generator of a new generation, and Skeleton, the code generator that generates code generators and is the code-generator code generator of a new generation. At some point also, there will be: a new version of Squint, the sequence alignment editor no one is talking about; Flappy, a mediocre emulator of Commodore 8-bit computers; Jackson, an awesome tool for creating animated pick-a-path stories; and Munky, a very cool new programming language for creating websites (that generates HTML, CSS, SQL, PHP, and Javascript from a single unified language).

Also, and finally, please look forward to the future as we push the cutting edge envelope, and publish a number of other, smaller projects, as often, in the name of quality, and dedication to craftsmanship, we will just dump the source code for things that we started, but have never actually finished.

It's service with a shine, because the knowledge economy demands innovators in the field of technological advancement.

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Scratchy Labs is a non-profit (currently non-revenue) organisation, run by someone who would love to devote more time to writing awesome open-source software, and publishing papers at some point, but the need to get income gets in the way. If the research on offer inspires you, help Scratchy Labs by donating, even a little. (Seriously, I'm doing this in my spare time).

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Email: scratchy@ffd2.org

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